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Invasive Species Awareness Week
February 22 - 28, 2015

Invasive Species Awareness Week is an annual event to encourage education about invasive species and inspire people to take an active role in preventing their spread. This year, the Invasive Species Centre will be celebrating Canadian invasive species achievements, groundbreaking research, innovativemanagement efforts and brand new resources. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to take part in the exciting social media campaign!

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Asian Carp

What are Invasive Species?

Invasive species are plants, animals, fish, insects and pathogens that are introduced to a region where they are not native. There are many pathways for the introduction and spread of invasive species including international trade and global travel, industrial and recreational activities, and accidental transport on people and vehicles.
Invasive species deplete, and over time can cause the extinction of native plants and animals, reduce biodiversity and permanently alter the landscape. They cause disruption to the natural ecosystem by competing with native plants and animals for light, water, food, and space and by altering habitats. Once established, invasive species can be difficult, or impossible, to control and eradicate. Invasive species are costly to manage, harmful to trade and commerce, and have unwelcome impacts on society, including human health.


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