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What We Do

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What We Do

The Invasive Species Centre is a Canadian not-for-profit organization founded in 2011 by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario. The organization is a hub for coordination and knowledge sharing between stakeholders to prevent, detect, respond to, and control invasive species that threaten Canada's natural ecosystems. 

We provide funding, thought leadership and project management to lever the expertise of a range of stakeholders to address priority invasive species issues and problems. The projects in which we are involved become part of our portfolio of information and knowledge that we offer as a consolidator and clearinghouse of information on invasive species in Ontario and beyond.

The Invasive Species Centre carries out its work by:

  • Working with experts and stakeholders to help identify priorities and gaps in knowledge, tools and resources.
  • Coordinating projects with a broad range of stakeholders to mobilize action and generate timely results. 
  • Operating a grant program that supports projects which contribute to invasive species knowledge and management. 
  • Building capacity among NGOs, students and new graduates. 
  • Communicating findings and outcomes of our work to increase awareness and empower citizens to take action in their communities. 

So what? The outcomes of our work help to:

  • Better understand invasive species by generating new knowledge and information on invasive species biology, establishment and spread.
  • More rapidly detect, respond to and control invasive species by developing new tools, technologies, methodologies and processes for on-the-ground management by professionals, practitioners and landowners. 
  • Educate and reach out to non-experts and the general public to help them develop a greater attachment to nature and to understand how their actions can help to prevent invasive species and slow their spread. 
  • Generate benchmark information to support policy development. 


How We Do Our Work

Through its Board of Directors, scientific advisory committee and its broad national network, the Invasive Species Centre works with others to help distill priority topics in natural and social science, policy, outreach and education, and strategically plan how best to tackle them. 

The ISC leads and rallies support around targeted projects—from efforts to educate the public to eradication programs to research inquiries into the biology and impacts of environment-altering invaders. Where possible, using funding provided by its funders, the ISC provides grants to worthy projects using this seed funding to lever participation and funding from a broad group of other partners. 

Using our network, website and other communications tools, we work to actively communicate the outcomes of these projects and to find applications for projects that can make a difference at the ground level.


What the Future Holds

As the risks posed by invasive species continue to rise, the Invasive Species Centre has been charting a course for its future to ensure that its priorities, actions, and investments in research, outreach and education continue to make valuable impacts at the community level while supporting government policy, advancing knowledge, and educating Canadians.