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Ryan Davison, ISC Business Development
and Communications Summer Student

Emilie Hodgson, ISC
Citizen Science Summer Student

This summer, the ISC was fortunate to welcome two summer students that helped with outreach, programming, and communications efforts. Ryan Davison joined our team as the Business Development & Communications Summer Student, and Emilie Hodgson joined our team as the Citizen Science Summer Student. Thank you, Ryan and Emilie, for your hard work and camaraderie this summer – we wish you the best of luck in your studies!

Check out Ryan’s article below to learn more about summer student work in invasive species prevention!

A summer at the ISC

By: Ryan Davison, ISC Business Development and
Communications Student

Hello there! I’m Ryan Davison and I had the pleasure of working at the Invasive Species Centre in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario this summer.

I found myself in Sault Ste. Marie five years ago, moving to attend Sault College for the Forest Conservation Technician program. In the North, I could get the real outdoors experience that I saw in nature documentaries and that I dreamt about as a kid running around the patches of forest that were left near my home in the Niagara Region.

Summer camping trips and visits to my local conservation authority instilled me with a respect for nature, but it was my college studies that gave me the perspective to know I wanted to pursue environmental science as a career.

During school and after graduation I worked a variety of jobs, some relating to environmental sciences, but none of them really scratched the itch I had. So, I applied to the University of Waterloo for the Environment, Resources, and Sustainability program and I started looking for work relevant to my academic and refocused career goals.

A short time after receiving my acceptance letter to university, I began my eight-week contract with the Invasive Species Centre as their Business Development and Communications Summer Student. In addition to supporting community outreach events, such as the two days we spent at the National Walleye Tournament in Sault Ste. Marie Michigan distributing aquatic invasive species information, I was tasked with the creation of social media campaigns, updating our website’s teaching resources, and creating video content. I also got to participate in a garlic mustard pull, learned from invasive species experts on staff, and created a guide to help staff better utilize technological resources. Coming from the more technical background of forestry, working in the creative space of science communication was an incredible learning experience. The mentorship provided to me in the fields of graphic design, content creation, and communications coupled with the freedom to pursue subject areas and creative mediums that piqued my interest made my summer one of the most educational and engaging work experiences I’ve ever had.

The staff here are excited to be doing the work they do and excited to be doing it together. They are fun, passionate, and incredibly motivated. Ultimately, my time at the ISC was too short, but it was an amazing work experience and learning environment and confirmed to me that I am on the right career path.