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GovernanceWith oversight from its Board of Directors, the Invasive Species Centre is managed by a core Secretariat in addition to drawing from the talents of interns, short-term placements, contracted expertise and support from a range of practitioners across Canada. An elastic workforce allows the Invasive Species Centre to grow and contract as needed, and to engage specialized skills on a project-by-project basis.
Board of DirectorsThe Invasive Species Centre is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors who represent stakeholders, including at-risk industries and recreational pursuits, with an interest in protecting Canada from invasive species. The Board Members are drawn from academia, municipalities, First Nations, not-for-profit organizations and industry. The Board benefits from advice provided by ex-officio Board Members who represent the four Government Departments and Agencies that founded the Invasive Species Centre (Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Fisheries and Oceans Canada). The Invasive Species Centre is grateful to the Board of Directors who volunteer their time, and bring their expertise and passion to their work with the Invasive Species Centre.

Board of Directors

Robert (Bob) Lambe

President, Invasive Species Centre

Senior Executive, Great Lakes Fishery Commission

Mr. Rob Keen

Vice President, Invasive Species Centre

Chief Executive Officer
Forests Ontario

Registered Professional Forester, Ontario

            Michael Pratt

             Director, Invasive Species Centre

             Managing Director, BioForest 

                 Cameron Mack

Director, Invasive Species Centre

Executive Director, Wildlife Habitat Canada 

              Lynette Mader

                Director, Invasive Species Centre

                Manager of Provincial Operations                                            Ontario, Ducks Unlimited Canada

              Dr. Steven Murphy

                 Director, Invasive Species Centre

                 Professor and Director, University of Waterloo

Dave Burden 

Director, Invasive Species Centre

Director, Great Lakes Regional Office - International Joint Commission 

              Karen Dannenman 

Director, Invasive Species Centre

Grand Council Treaty #3 Certificate 

            Jason Pollard 

              Director, Invasive Species Centre

             Parks, Forestry and Surface Water Services - City of               Ottawa 

Ex-Officio Members


         Thomas Hoggarth 

          Ex-Officio Board Member, Invasive Species Centre

          Regional Director, Ecosystems Management
          Fisheries and Oceans Canada 


Dr. David Nanang

Ex-Officio Board Member, Invasive Species Centre

Director General, Great Lakes Forestry Centre
Natural Resources Canada

Jim Crawford

Ex-Officio Board Member, Invasive Species Centre

Executive Director, Ontario
Canadian Food Inspection Agency


         Jason Travers

          Ex-Officio Board Member, Invasive Species Centre

          Director, Biodiversity Branch
          Director, Natural Resources Conservation Policy Branch