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The Spread Newsletter

The Spread, the Invasive Species Centre’s digital newsletter, is distributed each season (winter, spring, summer, fall) and is an excellent resource for information on the prevention, detection and response of invasive species for readers who want to stay up to date with current invasive species happenings. It offers News, Past and Upcoming Invasive Species Events, and a Seasonal Feature. 

Check out our archive of past issues of the Spread, available in PDF format or subscribe for future issues.

Newsletter Archive

The Spread - Winter 2017 Download/View
 Learn about the events held to help the spread of invasive species  

The Spread - Fall 2017
 Learn about all the work we've been doing in this issue of The Spread  
The Spread - Summer 2017 Download/View
Learn about all the ways you can help stop the spread of invasive species in this issue of The Spread
The Spread- Spring 2017 Download/View
This spring discover all of the ways people can learn about invasive species, in this issue of The Spread
The Spread- Winter 2016- Holiday Edition Download/ View
This holiday season discover all of the ways people can learn about invasive species, in this issue of The Spread
The Spread- Fall 2016- Invasive Species Act Edition Download/View
This fall discover all of the ways people can learn about invasive species, in this season's issue of The Spread

The Spread - Summer 2016 - Heating Up Edition Download/View
The weather is getting warmer, researchers are impatiently awaiting their return to the field, and the fight against invasive species is heating up yet again. Find out all about summer and invasive species in this edition of The Spread - hot off the press! 

The Spread - Spring 2016 - ToolKit Edition Download/ View
At the Invasive Species Centre, we strive to connect stakeholders, knowledge and technology to prevent and reduce the spread of invasive species. In this edition of The Spread, we hope to do just that by highlighting tools, events and information that will help readers to kick off 2016 invasive-free!

The Spread - Winter 2015 - Naughty or Nice Edition Download/ View
Santa has been particularly interested in watching over the invasive species world in 2015. He's watched the ups and downs with a close eye, and now, loaded with information, he's ready to make his list. The Invasive Species Centre had a sneak peek!

The Spread - Fall 2015 - Life Long Learning Edition Download/ View
Learning about invasive species is a life long endeavour, from public schools to careers to retirement. Everyone has the opportunity to learn new things, whether they are technical or the building blocks for an understanding of invasive species.

The Spread - Summer 2015 - The Summer Recreation Issue Download/ View
What invasive species to look out for when enjoying summer activities such as fishing, swimming, boating, camping, and enjoying the cottage; and the latest policy and news updates.

The Spread - Spring 2015 - The Spring Garden Issue Download/ View
Things to consider when dealing with invasive species in your garden, new information on emerald ash borer, and the latest invasive species policy and events news.

The Spread - Winter 2014 - The Holiday Issue Download/ View
The Twelve Invasive Species of Christmas, and information to stop their spread.

The Spread - Fall 2014 - The Learning Issue Download/ View
Conservation efforts support invasive species management, the 2013/14 Invasive Species Centre annual report, AsianCarp.ca launches. Environmental education underpins learning on invasive species. Invasive species events from October and November 2014.

The Spread - Summer 2014 - Cottage Edition Download/ View
How invasive species impact cottage life: Emerald Ash Borer destroys ash trees making them a hazard, Zebra Mussels clog water intake lines and make beeches dangerous. How to protect your lakes and cottages: Lake Association Invasive Species Monitoring Program, steps you can take.