Canadian Institute of Forestry E-Lecture Series – Partnerships through Citizen Science: Success Stories and Solutions

Citizen Science and Invasive Species

Presented by: Lauren Bell, Education and Community Outreach Coordinator, Invasive Species Centre 


EDDMapS 2020: 15 Years of Tracking Invasive Species in North America

Presented by: Chuck Bargeron, Director, University of Georgia Centre for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health


Citizen Science Solving Invasive Species Issues through Early Detection and Management

Presented by: Angela Gupta, Extension Professor, University of Minnesota


TreeSnap: A Citizn Science App Connecting Tree Enthusiasts and Forest Scientists

Presented by: Ellen Crocker, Assistant Professor, Forest Health Extension, University of Kentucky


Citizen Sciene in a Regulatory Context

Presented by: Erin Appleton, Plant Health Survey Biologist, CFIA


The Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative: Who we are and what we do

Presented by: Marnie Zimmer, Knowledge Mobilization Officer, Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative