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Response To MacLean's Editorial: An Unwelcome Invasion

In the September 2017 issue of Maclean’s, the author of “A Welcome Invasion” suggests that not all non-native species are bad, some have unintended benefits, impacts have been small and local, and therefore we should welcome all non-native species, in spite of the overwhelming evidence that many invasive species have had an enormous impact in Canada on wildlife, ecosystems, cities, and people.  The Invasive Species Centre and its partners are working to improve Canada's ability to protect our natural resources from the environmental, economic, and social effects of invasive species and we would like to address misunderstandings in the editorial and put the discussion of this critical issue on an evidence-based footing. Read our response here.


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The registration for the 20th International Conference on Aquatic Invasive Species is now open! 

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