The Invasive Species Centre staff is a dedicated team who strive to address the threats of invasive species with diligence, passion, and creativity.

We bring diverse expertise and experience in natural science, policy, economics, administration, communications, graphic design, and education.

The ISC also benefits from the talents of interns, students, and recent graduates who join the team for placements of up to one year, as well as technical experts who join on a project-by-project basis. As a result, this allows the ISC to continue to be innovative in our sector.

The Invasive Species Centre offices and labs are co-located in Sault Ste. Marie with the Great Lakes Forestry Centre, a world-class science facility run by Natural Resources Canada.

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call (705) 541-5790

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Sarah Rang

Executive Director

Deborah Sparks

Deborah Sparks

Business Development and Communications Manager

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

Program Manager

Colin Cassin

Colin Cassin

Policy and Program Development Manager

Paula Beemer

Executive Assistant

David Dutkiewicz

Entomology Technician

Mackenzie Digasparro

Mackenzie DiGasparro

Program Development Coordinator

Mike Rogers

Invasive Species Specialist

Jill Thatcher

Communications Coordinator

Emily Posteraro

Program Development Coordinator

Lauren Rogers

Digital and Multimedia Communications Coordinator

Rebecca Schroeder

Rebecca Schroeder

Aquatic Invasive Species Specialist

Jenna White

Policy and Program Development Intern

Derissa Vincentini

Community Action Leader

Karen Alexander

Invasive Species Policy Coordinator

Liana Hryniewicz

Aquatic Programs Student

Madison Sturba

Training and Outreach Intern

Tera Shewchenko

Science Writer and Development Coordinator Intern

Board of Directors

The Invasive Species Centre is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors who represent key groups who have an interest in preventing invasive species. The Board Members are drawn from academia, municipalities, First Nations, at-risk industries and recreational pursuits, and environmental not-for-profit organizations. The Board benefits from advice provided by Ex-officio Board Members who represent the four government departments and agencies that founded the Invasive Species Centre: Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and Fisheries and Oceans Canada. The Invasive Species Centre is grateful to the Board of Directors who volunteer their time and bring their expertise and passion to their work with the Invasive Species Centre.

Robert Lambe

ISC Board President

Executive Secretary, Great Lakes Fishery Commission

Invasive Species Centre Board of Director – Micheal Pratt

Michael Pratt

ISC Board Director

Managing Director, BioForest

Invasive Species Centre Board of Director - Cameron Mack

Cameron Mack

ISC Board DIrector

Executive Director, Wildlife Habitat Canada

Invasive Species Centre Board of Director - Karen Dannenmann

Karen Dannenmann

ISC Board Director

Trapper and Teacher, Grand Council Treaty #3

Diane-Laure Arjalies

ISC Board DIrector

Associate Professor, Managerial Accounting and Control, General Management & Sustainability,Ivey Business School 

Invasive Species Centre Board of Director - Dave Burden

Dave Burden

ISC Board Director

Director, Great Lakes
Regional Office – International Joint Commission

Invasive Species Centre Board of Director - Jason Pollard

Jason Pollard

ISC Board Director

Forestry Manager, Parks, Forestry and Surface Water Services – City of Ottawa

Jane Gilbert

Jane Gilbert

ISC Board Director

Vice-president, Public Affairs and Communications, Nature Conservancy of Canada 

Nicola Crawhall

Nicola Crawhall

ISC Board Director

Westbrook Public Affairs

Ex-officio Members

Michelle Langan

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Regional Director General, Ontario & Prairie Region

Danny Galarneau

Natural Resources Canada

Director General (Acting), Great Lakes Forestry Centre

Kevin Urbanic

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Director General

Christie Curley

Ontario Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry

Director, Species Conservation Policy Branch

Board of Director Organizations

Great Lakes Fishery Commission Bob Lambe
City of Ottawa Board of Director Jason Pollard
International Joint Commission Dave Burden
Wildlife Habitat Canada Board of Director Cameron Mack
BioForest Michael Pratt Board of Director