Risk Assessment Database

Risk assessments identify, evaluate, and estimate the level of risk of a potential invasive species. They are an important tool in invasive species management, and are used to inform, prevent, prioritize, and respond.

Economic Impacts

Invasive species incur direct and indirect cost to Canada’s forest and water ways. The ISC conducted an Ontario-wide survey to understand the cost of invasive species on municipalities and conservation authorities 

Municipal Assets

Invasive species impact infrastructure, urban ecosystems, the economy, and communities. Investments in prevention can have long-term economic benefits and help protect municipal assets. 

Species at Risk

Protecting ecosystems from degradation caused by invasive species can help protect species at risk and critical habitats. In 2019, the United Nations reported invasive alien species as a top-5 driver of species decline.

Climate Change

Climate change can accelerate the introduction and spread of invasive species. Together, invasive species and climate change reduce ecosystem resilience and negatively impact biodiversity.