Invasive species are considered one of Canada’s greatest threats to the survival of our wild animal and plant life. These species arrive, often accidentally, and establish in the absence of natural predators. As a result, these species kill, crowd out, and devastate native species and their ecosystems.

Invasive plants and animals not only threaten wildlife, woodlands, and waterways, but they also cost Canada billions of dollars in losses to forestry, agriculture, fisheries, and other industries affected by their impact.

Invasive species are plants, animals, insects, and pathogens that are introduced to an area and cause harm to the environment, economy, or society. Non-native species aren’t automatically considered invasive species just because they come from a different area of the world – they must also cause negative environmental, economic, or social impacts

The ISC conducted an Ontario-wide survey to understand the cost for municipalities and conservation authorities

Federal, provincial, and municipal governments all have a role to play in regulating invasive species spread and management

The goal of this database is to provide a record of completed risk assessments relevant to North America – search a species and find all the information

Click on the pages below to find in-depth profiles on invasive species within Canada. These species profiles will provide information on identification, distribution and impacts. You will find extended resources that include fact sheets, best management practices and research articles.