The Invasive Species Centre (ISC) is the coordinator for the Green Shovels Collaborative, a group of like-minded conservation organizations and a collective of projects designed to achieve job creation, economic recovery, and environmental progress while addressing invasive species issues.  

Organizations include:  

In late 2020, the Green Shovels Collaborative proposed a list of shovel-ready projects to be considered as a part of a government stimulus plan and as ongoing work. Two projects were generously funded by the Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Forestry, and Natural Resources.  

  1. Solutions for Invasive Phragmites 

This project included the development of a Strategic Framework for Coordinated Management of Phragmites in Ontario, the creation of a Preliminary Cost-Benefit Analysis of Phragmites Control in Ontario, and an Invasive Phragmites Control Fund to build capacity at the community level for more effective management of Phragmites.  

  1. Innovative Tools for Invasive Species 

This project includes several interrelated activities that explore new tools and approaches for invasive species management in Ontario.  

For more information, please visit the Green Shovels Collaborative website.  Or contact the Project Coordinator at the Invasive Species Centre. 

Colin Cassin, Invasive Species Centre Policy Manager,