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The Invasive Species Centre is collaborating with experts in the field of invasive species management, prevention, and monitoring to discuss different topics each month.

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Past Webinars

Estimating the potential of the Rideau & Trent-Severn waterways for invasive & endangered species

Novel Approach to Collaborative Phragmites Management Using Outcomes-Based Financing

Belgium and The Netherlands, ICAIS 2022 host countries and aquatic invasions hotspots

Clickbait: What you should know about the online sale of live organisms & its threat to biosecurity

Weedbusters: The trials, tribulations, and toolbox of an invasive plant management practitioner

LDD Moth: Taking stock of current management options in ongoing outbreak

Invasive Mussels in Ontario: History, Biology, Impacts & Prevention

Unpacking the Programs and Policies of Invasive Free Gardening in Ontario

Box tree moth 101: Identification, Biology and Management in Ontario

InvaCost 3.0. The global synthesis of the economic cost of biological invasions

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