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Preventing the spread of invasive species on land and waterways

   What are invasive             species?

Invasive species are among Canada’s greatest threats to the survival of our wild animal and plant life. These invasive species arrive, often accidentally, from elsewhere in the world and, in the absence of natural predators, kill, crowd out or otherwise devastate native species and their ecosystems.....Learn More

    How do invasive                species affect the              economy?

Invasive species affect Canada’s economy in many ways, both directly and indirectly. Direct economic impacts caused by invasive species arise from costs such as, research, control and management programs, reduction of economically important resources and crop yield, and impacts on international trade and tariffs. Check out the economic report - Cost to Ontario Cities

Recent News

Invasive Species Social

In the Sudbury area on Nov. 21st? Join us at the Invasive Species Social! This event will recognize one of our amazing funders, The Ontario Trillium Foundation and the important work being done with the EDRR Network. We will also be hosting an Asian Carp Information Session! Food, networking, and much more!