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Preventing the spread of invasive species on land and waterways

   What are invasive             species?

Invasive species are among Canada’s greatest threats to the survival of our wild animal and plant life. These invasive species arrive, often accidentally, from elsewhere in the world and, in the absence of natural predators, kill, crowd out or otherwise devastate native species and their ecosystems.....Learn More

    How do invasive                species affect the              economy?

Invasive species affect Canada’s economy in many ways, both directly and indirectly. Direct economic impacts caused by invasive species arise from costs such as, research, control and management programs, reduction of economically important resources and crop yield, and impacts on international trade and tariffs. Check out the economic report - Cost to Ontario Cities

Recent News

This spring, we’re on the lookout for two priority forest pests; hemlock woolly adelgid and oak wilt! Hemlock woolly adelgid (HWA) is native to Asia, and was first detected in eastern North America in the 1950’s. This invader attacks native hemlock species, which are commonly found in Ontario forests and urban spaces.  

Look for white, cotton-like or woolly masses forming on the base of hemlock needles. 

To learn more about the hemlock woolly adelgid, visit the species profile. 


Oak wilt is a vascular disease of oak trees caused by the fungus Bretziella fagacearum. The fungus grows on the outer sapwood of oak trees restricting the flow of water and nutrients through the tree. Oak wilt has spread throughout the Eastern United States. In 2016, it was confirmed on Belle Isle in Michigan, in the middle of the Detroit River, 579 metres from the shores of Windsor, Ontario. Visit the species profileto learn more about oak wilt.


If you see signs and symptoms of either of these forest pests in Ontario, please report the sighting to the CFIA or EDDMapS Ontario. And follow along on Twitter and Facebook from March 4th to 15th for more info on these invasive species! 

Asian Carp Public Information Session 

Sarnia, Ontario

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ICAIS Registration

Registration for ICAIS 2019 is now officially open. Register today to attend the largest international conference on invasive aquatic species. ICAIS 2019 is introducing a special pre-conference session that will intersect the aquatic and terrestrial spheres.

Asian Carp Exhibit at the Toronto Zoo!



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About Us

The Invasive Species Centre is a not-for-profit organization that prevents and reduces the spread of invasive species in Ontario and beyond by connecting with a broad array of stakeholders to catalyze invasive species management and communicate policy and science knowledge.