Everyone has a role to play in preventing the spread of invasive species. To start, take action by learning more about invasive species, then choose more actions from the great options below!

Thank you for your interest in the important issue of invasive species and all of your valued contributions to help protect Canada’s land and water!

Report a sighting

If you think you have seen an invasive species, reporting it is the first critical step toward detection and rapid response. Often, invasive species are initially discovered by citizens who are out on the land and water!

Community science

Do you want help slow the spread of invasive species and reduce their environmental and economic impacts? If so, take action and become a community scientist. Citizen scientists are volunteers who receive expert training to identify, track, and control important invaders in priority areas.

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Fill out the Community Science Tree Check Form

The goal of this project is to empower Canadians with the knowledge and tools to monitor the health of their trees, and increase priority pest surveillance efforts in the Province of Ontario through community data collection.

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Donations to the Invasive Species Centre are used to improve the prevention, detection, response, and control of invasive species through our Education and Community Action Fund. Regardless of the amount, your kind generosity will make a difference!