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Learn About Invasive Species

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Water soldier eradication efforts in Ontario

Presented by: Robert McGowan, Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters

Upcoming Webinars

July 7th - Spotted Lanternfly: Impacts and Research from the USA and Perspectives from Ontario

Presented by Heather Leach & Julie Urban, Penn State and Mandy Ehnes, Invasive Species Centre.

June 25th – Invasive Phragmites Management in the Long Point Region

Presented by Eric Cleland, Nature Conservancy of Canada.

Past Webinars

Join biologist Kyle Borrowman to learn about various control methods employed by Ducks Unlimited Canada to control and limit the spread of two invasive aquatic plants, European water chestnut and parrot feather, that threaten Ontario’s native plant biodiversity. European water chestnut and parrot feather both form dense mats of vegetation that outcompete native species and impede boating, angling, and other recreational water activities. Fortunately, these plants are not widespread in Ontario and are regulated under the Ontario Invasive Species Act. Active management by Ducks Unlimited Canada helps reduce existing populations and protect Ontario’s environment, economy, and social well-being from further spread.

This webinar was presented in accordance with the United Nations International Year of Plant Health, which designated April 2020 as Invasive Plant Pest and Invasive Species Month.