Asian longhorned beetle

How Collaboration Kept an Invasive Beetle at Bay

By: Liam Brechin, ISC Business Development & Communications Intern Stories about invasive species often tell of the challenges that are presented to our natural landscapes. While it may seem overwhelming at times, there are many stories that are instead driven by the success achieved by overcoming these challenges. We find Continue Reading

Two native species in North America that look like the Asian giant hornet are the yellowjacket and European hornet.

Murder Hornets: What’s All the Buzz About?

Keep an eye out for Asian giant hornets and report suspected sightings. By: David Dutkiewicz, ISC Entomology Technician If you’ve been following the news this summer, you’re sure to have seen mention of murder hornets.  After isolated discoveries of this invasive Continue Reading

Oak leaf showing signs of wilting

Oak Wilt eDNA Detected in Ontario

By: Mackenzie DiGasparro, ISC Policy & Program Development Coordinator In 2020, a collaborative project team with members from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Natural Resources Canada, and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency found oak wilt fungal eDNA Continue Reading