Response and Management Tools

  • Development of response strategies, protocols, and best management practices
  • The planning and completion of full or targeted invasive species management plans covering prevention, early detection, eradication, control/containment, management/asset protection, restoration for park planning, trails, greening

Events, Training and Outreach

  • Prevention-focused education and outreach strategies, workshops and events tailored to professional audiences, residents, and the public
  • Professional training with option of continuing education credits to community staff, conservation authorities, local developers, real estate professionals on identification and monitoring, species identification, reporting, best management practices, clean equipment protocols, restoration best practices
  • Event coordination and delivery
  • Presentations and submissions to municipal councils

Policy and

  • Community and stakeholder consultation
  • Identification of priority species and significant nature areas
  • Research on neighboring areas to scan for existing invasive species and management plans
  • Policy and program review including bylaws
  • Municipality-focused and community-focused risk assessments for species and pathways including ecological, economic and social analysis
  • Social, economic and ecological Impact Assessment related to invasive species
  • Planning and recommendations for including invasive species considerations and protocols in larger contracts and land management plans
  • Specialized input into land use plans, natural heritage plans, official plan updates
  • Extension officer to community (staff and/or residents) through shared staffing arrangements or on a fee-for-service, as needed basis (extension officers are intermediaries between research and municipalities, facilitating and helping municipalities in their decision-making to obtain best results)


  • Plain language writing skills and communications support
  • Graphic design, resource development and science communications support
  • Social media support
  • Event coordination and delivery
  • Project management
  • Support and resources for obtaining funding
  • Insect and Zooplankton identification

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