Grass Carp is one of the four species of invasive Asian carps that are threatening to invade the Great Lakes. Growing to a maximum size of more than 80 lbs., these fish would quickly outgrow the gape (mouth) size of any natural predators. They consume up to 40% of their body weight a day in aquatic vegetation, which is a serious threat to wetlands and the species that depend on them for resources.  Grass Carp only digest about half of what they consume. The rest is expelled back into the water, and this can reduce water quality. Their presence in nearby waterbodies makes them a potential threat to the Great Lakes.

That’s why the Invasive Species Centre worked with Design de Plume to create the Grass Carp information video below to increase public awareness on how to identify and report this invasive fish. Recently, the video was given a Social Good (So Good) design award under the Sustainability, Ecology and Climate category!

The So Good Design Awards is a biannual, international design competition that celebrates design’s undeniable power to incite meaningful action and make positive change. Organized by the Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD), the awards recognize and provide a platform to design firms, agencies, individual designers and students to present their work done under the theme of communication design for social good.

The winners were honoured at a ceremony that took place on June 1 at the Vancouver Playhouse as part of the DesignThinkers Conference. An exhibit of the winners is travelling across Canada launching at the Vancouver Public Library, (Central Library Branch) from May 29 to June 10, followed by Stanley A. Milner Library in Edmonton from June 14 to 29 and the Kingston Frontenac Public Library from September 18 to October 2. Winners are also featured in a printed Awards Annual designed by ​​RallyRally+Briteweb and across RGD’s communications channels reaching over 70,000.

A huge thanks and congratulations to Design de Plume for all their work on this video. Raising awareness can help keep the Great Lakes healthy and free of invasive species. Learn more about Grass Carp and other invasive carp species here.

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